Reasons for the Dissertation to Take Time to Complete

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Different universities around the world has time limitations for completing the dissertation. In some colleges a minimum number of hours has to be completed for gaining required credits for dissertation before graduation. While in some the dissertation credits are completed after a year o

What is a Dissertation?

In most of the countries, the degree ends with an assignment, which has to be completed by doing research, adding real time assessment, findings and finally preparing a long written report on your findings, this complete exercise can be collectively termed as dissertation. While in other countries the word 'thesis' is used , or sometimes these words are used interchangeably. Thus, dissertation is a research project completed as a part of undergraduate and post graduate program. Writing long dissertation reports would require Dissertation Writers, which can be availed from professional writers like BookMyEssay.

Thus, we can define dissertation as the research project completed as a mandatory submition requirement at the end of the undergraduate or post graduate program. Usually students provide findings in response to the question choose by them at the beginning of the session. The dissertation tests the skills acquired by the students during the degree duration. Though, the students can take guidance from the teachers but dissertations are largely independent. Thus, when it comes to editing the long reports, the work becomes tiring and cumbersome. Consequently, students can rely on BookMyEssay for Dissertation Editing Writing Help.

Students find this assignment as the longest, most important and most difficult one during the whole degree. They need to research and do hard work for months. The time given to do the research and preparations sometimes feels like just a snap.

Discussion on Dissertations Taking Time to Complete

Undoubtedly, dissertation are expected to have a depth, which shows a good hard work done by the student. In comparision to the small assignments and reports submitted in each semester a greater research is required in dissertation. It is expected that the dissertations are written in 25- 30 pages or sometimes 50 to 100 pages. It should include citations, diagrams, graphs, tables everything related to the research done by you. Now, the scenario has started to become a little bit clear as why do dissertations take so long to complete.

 How long does it Take to Complete the Dissertation?

Writing the disseration with all the reports, graphs, citations and not to forget the final editing, takes a long time. It is a tedious process and requires good amount of hard work. The length of time alloted by university to complete and submit the dissertation depends upon the credits involved. Sometimes the dissertation for Ph.D strenches to 5 to 7 years. The depth and special work required in the dissertation process, also governs the length it will take to complete.

So, if your dissertation is allotted a time of one year and you complete it in 4 months, still you have to pay for remaining 8 months and cannot submit the dissertation file before 8 months. The dissertation, is not only preparing the first draft of the report. The writings are edited multiple times to remove errors and mistakes. Even this editing takes a long time. But students can cut short this process by taking Custom Writing Help Service from BookMyEssay. They are the best writing services online.

Stages to writing the Disseration and Time Taken by Each Step

Stage 1- Choosing the Topic

Most of the times, students are given a broad topic. Be it an undergrad or graduate student or any one pursuing Ph.D, the topic is gradually streamlined into your topic of research. Before starting, you need to dig deep into the topic, catch the latest things done in this field. Surf the internet to read latest research papers, find out what new can you do in this field and then mould your topic accordingly. Clearly this process will take nearly a month. Remember that you will be devoted to this topic for the complete duration of your dissertation.

Stage 2 - Building Proposal

The proposal contains these parts:

  • Research questions
  • Justification
  • Objectives
  • Research design
  • Timeline

Proposals are made not only for professors or University committee but also for the funding agency who will give funds to continue your research. Proposals can make or break your dissertation. If you think that there are loop holes in your proposal, ask for help from your guide or professional helpers. Working on proposal and submitting it might take around a month. But the approval can take a few weeks more.

Stage 3 - Carrying out the Research

This is the main part of dissertation. The actual research may take around 5 to 6 months. It has two parts - reseach and data collection

Research: Read up a lot on your topic to find out what all has already been done. Find out a lead, on which you can work. Then you can make hypothesis, theories, methodology and design for data collection. This endeavour will take a month and a half.

Data Collection: This step may take 3-4 months depending on the type of data collection. Dissertation based on manegerial, psychology and other theoritical subjects requires students to persuade people to answer survey sheets or volunteer for the study. While science and maths based dissertation requires students to collect data from experiments.

After the data is collected, it needs to be analysed. Before you start writing the disseration get the conclusion or results from data analysis.

Stage 4 - Writing the Dissertation

The main stage of the dissertation is piecing together your literature survey, research, data collection and analysis, conclusion and results into black and white. It is a tedious long process and takes time upto 4 to 5 months.

Dissertation is written chapterwise in detail, that's the main reason for it to take time. The report is written in 2 to 3 drafts. It is a tedious process in itself. Thus, the guide always ask the students to write chapters one by one and consult them on weekly basis. In this way, guides can track the progress of the students and give feedback on each chapter. The final step is the editing part, which equally is cumbersome. Students can hire professional academic writers like BookMyEssay for Dissertation Editing Writing Help. Or they can take help from peers to edit their long dissertation.

The next stages involved are preparing the presentation and defense of your dissertation. Usually it take two to three weeks for a well built defense and presentation to be made. And finally the last stage that is revisiting your report with a fresh eye. Making changes as per the recommendation of the examination committee. Editing the report again, making multiple copies are some of the final works that may take few more weeks. I hope this guest post has made a clear picture for the reason as to why dissertations take so long to complete.